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Our foundry was established in 1969 and we are in the field of manufacturing quality Grey Iron Castings in the grades of GF 300 and also grades incorporating Chromium, Molybdenum and Vanadium additions. Our manufacturing capacity is about 300 tonnes/month. We mainly supply castings including grey iron casting for machine tools, die tools and other engineering industries.
We are also specialists in the manufacture of one-off single piece castings from 'Polystyrene Patterns' especially for die tools, machine tools, etc. We can cast castings up to 12 tonnes. One of our main strengths is delivery of quality castings including grey iron casting as per mutually agreed schedules, provided the customer also reciprocates by timely honouring of their commitments.

We are classified as a 'Small Scale Industry' and a private limited company. The day-to-day management is supervised by the Managing Director and Chief Executive, and the foundry technical operations by the Works Manager. We have around 80 full-time employees.

Our main melting unit is a 42" cupola with a divided and oxygen enriched blast. All incoming ferrous raw materials like pig iron, ferrous scrap, etc. are analyzed for their composition. Based on this analysis, we decide on a particular charge composition. Input to the cupola is fully weighed which enables us to achieve the required composition in the liquid metal.
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